Are you a person whose life is about serving others?

If so, you may not often pause to reflect on questions like the ones above.  Perhaps for many years now you have worked in education, health care, faith community or human services.  Your life has been about giving large amounts of time and energy in ways that make powerful differences in the lives of others.

Yet, there comes a time, a season some would say, when there is a shift in the air and a sense that change is coming–

  • It may show up as restlessness or a longing for something that seems to be missing.
  • You may have grown into more of yourself over the years and need to reconnect who you are with what you do in the world.
  • Perhaps you are working more and enjoying it less in these stressful times, leading to a sense of burnout with the work you once loved.
  • Physical symptoms or dis-ease may be calling you to pay better attention to your own needs, to seek a more sustainable balance between work and play.
  • Or maybe you are even beginning to wonder what retirement would look like for you…. perhaps including some different form of vocation altogether.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you and the opening questions sound intriguing, it could be the perfect time to explore Soul Ways Coaching.

On these pages you will discover fresh resources to energize your life and support your season of change. Please take a moment to sign up for a free newsletter, visit the Inspiration page and perhaps even find a new book or two.

discoveryButtonI would be delighted to offer a complimentary Discovery Session to encourage you on the path of authentic living and personal transformation. In person or by phone, we will explore what is unfolding in your life and vocation, and clarify the opportunity this represents for you. Even more, you will leave this time with at least one specific action for moving into authentic rapport with whatever your life holds.  Whatever path you choose, bring all that you are to life!

Warm blessings of the Journey,